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After years of traveling the globe and trying pillow after pillow on a long flight only to wake with a sore neck, Dr. Melvin Cheatham, knew there had to be a better way to get the rest he desired on a long flight while maintaining the ability to wake refreshed and without neck pain. The Komfort Kollar is his answer.

Available in an Inflatable and Memory Foam models. Both versions of our pillows will cradle your head an neck with comfortable support.

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The only travel pillow declared "Best Overall" by the Wall St. Journal's Travel Section. With so many travelers trying to snooze at 30,000 feet, the experts at the Wall Street Journal sent their testers out to find the best travel pillow at the best price. Komfort Kollar is the one they declared "Best overall", "Best Value" and "The Winner."

The only Travel Pillow you can tailor to your own size, fit and firmness.

Komfort Kollar is available in 2 versions:

The Inflateable Travel Komfort Kollar® is an inflateable pillow designed and patented by Dr. Melvin Cheatham, a Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery who has flown to more than 70 countries. Over many years, he purchased more than a dozen travel pillows, all of which either leaked on the first flight or failed to offer the support he needed for a good night's sleep.

U-shped pillows let your head fall forward during sleep... especially in packed airliners that prevent you from fully reclining your seat. The award-winning Travel Komfort Kollar is designed to gently cradle your head and help prevent your neck from flexing or slumping at angles that can lead to lingering neck pain.

If you have a long flight ahead of you, and need a reliable pillow that can help you sleep as promised, Komfort Kollar is the one for you!

The Memory Foam Komfort Kollar® is constructed with a top quality, extremely soft, visco-memory foam core, wrapped in a soft washable cover made of 75/25% Cotton/Poly Velour. Patented velcro straps allow you to adjust your pillow for the perfect fit.

The Memory Foam Komfort Kollar is a great choice for resting at home, on the road or any time you need the quality features of Komfort Kollar, but don't need to be able to deflate the pillow to pack flat. The Memory Foam pillow compresses easily and still packs well.

Sleep Komfort Kollar - Featuring a Memory Foam Core


don't try to sleep on your rolled up coat

A rolled up coat doesn’t work. A stranger’s shoulder won’t help. Even the free airline pillow often fails to stop it from happening...

We’ve all woken to that painful crick in the neck that comes from sleeping in the wrong position in coach class.

None of these makeshift alternatives offer your neck the support it needs to sleep right.

In fact, most U-shaped travel pillows sold in airport stores offer little more than these less-than-satisfactory remedies. Here’s why. If you’ve ever rested your head against the wall of an airliner, you know that “over-tilting” your head sideways can lead to severe pain when you wake up.

Similarly, if you are unable to recline your seat - either because it is broken or the person behind you has long legs - your head may fall forward during sleep. Inexpensive U-shaped pillows invariably offer too little support on the sides of your neck, and none whatsoever under your chin. Even a few minutes of sleep in a poor posture with inadequate support can mean lingering neck pain for days after arrival.